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“Translating Hebrew into another language 
is like kissing your bride through her veil." 
This quote, most often attributed to Hayim Nahman Bialik (1873 – 1934), 
one of the greatest Hebrew poets of the 20th century, 
has been the genesis for including Volume 5 into this series. 

The statement by Bialik is in answer to the often asked question as to what difference does it make to read the original Hebrew Bible as apposed to reading any number of translations. 

Short notes on issues that I often are questioned about.

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Volume 1
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Biblical Hebrew for All 
(Volume 1) (Beginners)
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The overriding purpose in compiling the series of five textbooks entitled 
Biblical Hebrew for All 
is to create an opportunity for ordinary folks to become acquainted with Biblical Hebrew as easily as possible, and in the process improve their understanding and appreciation of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

This site functions as a source of additional material to the textbooks of the series with particular focus on 

Advantages of 5 Volumes

1. Beginners do not need more advanced material when starting out.

2. The grammar is divided into three parts (Volumes 1-3), which form three logical levels namely: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate.

3. More complicated issues are dealt with more fully in the later volumes.

4. Students are able to buy only what they need at any particular time.

5. Because more pages are available, a larger that usual Hebrew font could be used which makes reading more convenient.



Now available

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Basic Grammar
Chapter 1-29

Weak Verbs
Chapter 30-46

Doubly-Weak Verbs
Chapter 47-64

Textual Criticism
Chapter 65-79

Lifting the Veil
Chapter 80-87

Does a basic knowledge of Biblical Hebrew help when reading 

the Old Testament?

In an attempt to answer this question, Volume 5 of the series contains notes on 400 texts from the Hebrew Bible.

These texts were selected as examples of where modern English translations 

a) changed the Masoretic Text (MT) to suit there particular purposes, and/or

b) failed to completely present all the nuances found in the MT, and/or 

c) choose a less desirable option where multiple alternatives are possible, and/or

d) made a mistake, and translated the MT incorrectly. 

Dealing with Volume 5, this website will present:

a) further information relevant to a number of the texts selected in Volume 5, and 

b) present additional texts where modern English translations are deemed to be noteworthy and/or inadequate in English.


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b) Assist students in reviewing and clarifying problems.

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